"What a lawyer does before stepping into the courtroom matters as much as what a lawyer does in a courtroom."

Timing and service are critical in today's fast-paced and competitive legal world. MacDonald Law Firm provides personalized and timely legal support services for our attorneys and clients including service of process, legal document courier, notary, mobile notary and paralegal assistance for research and litigation support. Our law firm effectively uses the team approach. Our clients get the benefit of each attorney's or paralegal's particular strengths.

Paralegal Services in Minneapolis

MacDonald Law Firm has highly skilled paralegals, legal assistants and support staff to assist our attorneys in providing services at a lower paralegal rate for clients when possible. Our firm effectively uses the team approach in our family law, probate, work injury, and other court cases. Whether the need is quick research, help on a specific project, or ongoing assistance, our paralegals strengthen our legal team also as an experienced, affordable and fast responding team members. Use of a paralegal allows us to control costs. Our paralegals fortify our legal team as the paralegals you rely on. Our paralegal establishes a relationship with our clients. Our lawyers assess your needs and determine the best paralegal for your matter.

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Process Server

MacDonald Law Firm’s legal couriers provide prompt, discrete service enabling us to better serve our clients. Hiring a legal process server is a critical step in proceeding with a court case. Service of Process is when a legal document such as a summons, subpoena, writ or other court document are delivered to an individual or corporation to whom the lawsuit is directed. Our process servers are experienced in serving legal documents efficiently. More importantly, our process servers are knowledgeable about the legislation surrounding service of process in Minnesota. There are several requirements and constraints associated with serving legal documents. The service must be performed in accordance with the law, or your case can be hindered from going forward, or dismissed entirely.

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Legal Courier Services

We have legal couriers on hand to assist with document delivery, courthouse filings, walk-throughs, and fast service of all your legal documents. Document delivery methods include Personal Service, Service by Mail or Fax, E-Mailed Documents, Same Day or Overnight Documents, and Filing Documents, all with appropriate Affidavits of Service. Our couriers are familiar with the courts and we do not have to waste time explaining where to go and what to do at a particular court. We attempt to serve the same day we complete your papers. We keep you apprised of our progress and let you know when your papers have been served or filed.

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Notary & Mobile Notary Services

Our lawyers, paralegals, process servers, and legal couriers are also notaries available to serve you. We provide these services in our offices, the individual's home, place of business, or at nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and anywhere notarization of documents is requested. Proper identification is required and all parties to the notarization must be physically present. Our non-attorney notaries are not licensed to give legal advice of any kind. We are not just a "sign and stamp it" notary. We will validate your identification. If you present an acknowledgment, we will ask you to acknowledge your signature and if you are executing the document(s) of your own free will. If you present an Affidavit for notarization, we will ask you to raise your right hand and swear (or affirm) that the information contained in the document is true.

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