Family Law , Divorce, Paternity & Adoption

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If you or someone you know needs an experienced, compassionate Family Law lawyer, contact us. Our reputation as zealous advocates results in most of our cases settling out of court, saving clients the legal fees from long, drawn out court cases.

The attorneys at MacDonald Law Firm handle complex Family Law matters involving Divorce, Separation, Paternity, Adoption, Estate Planning, and more …

Family Law, Divorce, Paternity & Custody

Dissolution, commonly called divorce, is a legal proceeding to end a marriage. A legal separation involves similar procedures but does not end the marriage. Both divorce and legal separation involve an irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. Family Law addresses issues close to home. Whom do you choose to share your life with? Are the differences with your spouse irreconcilable? Who is at fault and will it matter to a court? Who gets what property in a divorce? Who will get custody of the children, and what parenting time will be arranged? How will you support yourself and the children financially and emotionally? The court will establish Child Custody and Support, Spousal Maintenance (formerly called alimony), divide Debts and Property and decide who pays court costs. Our Family Law attorneys have represented clients in all aspects of Marriage Dissolution and Separation, including Dispute Resolution, requests for temporary relief, court motions, trials, and post-decree matters. We have extensive experience in Custody and Parenting Time matters, division of property, division of business interests, and support determinations.

  • Marriage Dissolution / Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Separation
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Child Custody & Parenting Time
  • Third Party Custody
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Abuse & Harassment
  • Alimony / Spousal Maintenance
  • Appeals & Appeals Court Cases
  • Paternity
  • Complaints against Guardians
  • Juvenile Court
  • Post-Divorce Estate Planning
  • Post-Divorce Relief
  • Parental Alienation
  • Custody Modification
  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Paternity, Custody & Support

We represent both fathers and mothers in Paternity actions, proceedings where the parties were never married. Paternity cases involve negotiating, mediating or litigating Custody, Parenting Time, and Support issues.

Custody, Parenting Time & Visitation

Aside from the traditional custody matters as in divorce or paternity, MacDonald Law Firm represents clients in commencing or defending Third Party Custody, Relative and Grandparent Custody and Visitation Agreements and court proceedings.

Domestic Abuse & Harassment Cases

We have worked with parties to initiate and respond to Domestic Abuse and Harassment Restraining Order proceedings in family and district court.

Adoption & Stepparent Adoption

If you are considering adoption, whether you are a birth parent or prospective adoptive parents, you will need to work with an adoption lawyer at some point in the process. An adoption is complex and correct agreements between parties are crucial. If you are working with an agency, the adoption attorney will be filing papers and appearing with you in court. Our lawyers understand the complexities of Adoption Law, and can be effective advocates for you with birth parents, adoptive couples, and the judiciary. We also advise clients regarding assisted reproductive technology, with a particular emphasis on embryo adoption. MacDonald Law Firm represents respective parties to an adoption in all types of Adoption including agency placement, step parent, relative, subsidized, interstate and international.

  • Closed or Open Adoptions
  • Agency or Private Adoptions
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Contact Agreements
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Cooperative Agreements
  • Relative Adoptions
  • Juvenile Court Cases
  • Third Party Custody
  • Adoption Mediation
  • Direct Adoptions
  • Embryo Adoptions
  • Contested Adoptions
  • Estate Planning & Guardianships

Antenuptial, Cohabitation Agreements & Estate Planning

MacDonald Law Firm advises clients and prepares the required documents for Pre-Marital, Post-Marital, Cohabitation and Parenting agreements.

Appeals & Post-Decision Motions

Sometimes trial courts are wrong. Sometimes judges make mistakes. If you have been involved in a family law trial, juvenile court or adoption proceeding, and you are not pleased with the outcome, contact MacDonald Law Firm. We also defend appeals of decisions by the other party. Our attorneys have represented clients at all appellate court levels and administrative hearings. We have successfully litigated appeals before many appellate courts, including the Minnesota Supreme Court.